Companies preparing for IPO find themselves in a very intense and complicated process involving

  • Selection of accountancy / auditing companies
  • Review of associated companies and share structure
  • Possible transfer under the aegis of a Holding or Investment company
  • Development of strategies to protect the management’s shareholding
  • Structuring of principle agreement
  • Establishment of a share certificate department
  • Management of investor relations

ARTI FINANCE’s consultant works within the company in order to protect the long-term interests of the client in every stage of this process as he brings the client to readiness for the legally required involvement of an investment bank leading up to a successful IPO.

ARTI FINANCE fulfills the crucial duty of valuing the IPO and conducting the necessary negotiations and discussions with investment banks. The underwriting bank will give priority to its own interests with respect to the timing of the IPO and by trying to minimize its risk by imposing the lowest possible price. Other essential elements are obtaining funds for and following post-IPO market-making, price support and other consultancy services in the period immediately after the IPO.

The IPO is only the first step in companies’ entry to capital markets. ARTI FINANCE also prepares for secondary IPO’s by facilitating companies’ transparent entry and performance on the Stock Exchange, drawing the attention of foreign investors by frequently raising the issue of the company in the eyes of foreign partners. The main source of funds for publicly quoted companies remains funds accruing after the secondary IPO.