The merging and taking over of companies has become a central part of today’s increasingly competitive and rapidly changing business world. Mergers have become an indispensable aspect of this world as companies struggle to maintain their market shares and profitability. Corporate collaboration and mergers help to achieve value, synergy and increased productivity, improve market share, power and sustainability, improve management and unlock concealed value. Just as there are countless advantages to such mergers and alliances, so also there are risks.

Companies require the services of a professional, experienced, reliable and objective consultancy firm with the necessary information infrastructure and resources to guide them through every aspect of this complicated process and minimize these risks. ARTI FINANCE works with its clients through every stage, determining candidates for clients who wish to identify possible companies with which they may merge, in order to maximize value for the client and minimize risk and uncertainty. This requires a depth of accumulated intelligence, data, financial expertise and accounting skills relating specifically to mergers and acquisitions - combined with a remarkable degree of marketing, operational and structuring proficiency.

ARTI FINANCE provides this service and level of skill with a dedicated team of professionals who give priority to paving the way for acquisitions that transform the  companies’ shared structures. ARTI FINANCE guides the client every step of the way, supporting discussions and agreements between corporate customers, financial investors and loan institutions to achieve the smoothest result for both private and publicly owned clients.

This support covers the entire process from identification of the right partner, structuring of the merger / sale / acquisition, realization of required financial resources and realization of the process to its conclusion.

ARTI FINANCE’s solution partners have taken part in a higher number of merger and acquisition projects than comparable consultancy firms internationally.

The scope of ARTI FINANCE’s financial consultancy in this field is listed below:

  • Pre- and post-privatization consultancy and support services
  • Mediation and consultancy services in corporate mergers and acquisitions
  • Corporate assessment and valuation 
  • Strategic analysis and organizational structuring
  • Merger and acquisition support services and consultancy
  • Support services and consultancy in Joint Ventures and Strategic Partnerships
  • Support services and consultancy in proposal preparation and marketing