ARTI FINANCE provides consultancy and mediation services for project financing requirements through domestic Turkish and international banks and finance bodies. When analyzing the viability of projects, Project Financiers look first to the project’s cash and profit prospects. Successful project finance experts will decrease the extent of the entrepreneur’s financial commitment and reduce risk through the use of various financial instruments.

The project finance that ARTI FINANCE aims to structure ranges from 5 to 10 year terms with one or two years’ grace periods. The scope of such financing includes:

  1. Industrial investments
  2. Commercial real estate investments:
    • Shopping centres
    • Hospitals
    • Hotels
    • Logistic Centres
    • Business Centres and other Real Estate
  3. Infrastructure Investments

Project Finance Process:

  • Preparation of project feasibility report
  • Specification of the foreign capital and principle capital requirements of the project
  • Identification of appropriate project investors and promotion of the project to those investors
  • Structuring and finalization of agreements between investors and finance institutions providing credit at the most favourable terms
  • Determination of project-owner’s guarantees and commitments to the finance institution and analysis
  • Determination of finance rental / guarantee contracts; discussions with domestic and foreign creditors and structuring of the most favourable possible credit 
  • Preparation and consultancy for all required legal and bureaucratic paperwork and documentation