ARTI FINANCE advises Turkish companies seeking commercial investment, finance for the expansion or opening of new facilities or credit for other commercial reasons. Our clients benefit from ARTI FINANCE’s existing and constantly updated contacts and relationships with leading banks and finance institutions in Turkey and internationally. We assist the client throughout the process, from the preparation and presentation of documentation to the complex application, review and approval process.

In an age when onerous high-fee and long term credit instruments can cause significant financial problems for otherwise healthy companies, ART FINANCE is expert in arranging the lowest-cost finance at the best possible term according to the precise requirements of the client. Research in Turkey shows that 70% of newly-established companies are still operating after 3 years, just 50% after 5 years. And only about 10% of the survivors are able to grow. Examining those case studies, it is clear that almost all of these firms require more dedicated and professional financial advice and guidance.

One of the chief reasons for SME’s to fall into difficulty is their inability to explain and present their expansion or investment plans, and their difficulty in locating professional finance experts to direct their relationships and dialogue with banks and finance institutions.
And the majority of firms that do manage to overcome this hurdle do not conduct professional price and cost analysis. Thus they fail to take advantage of the possibility of obtaining credit facilities at lower cost, lower commission and at more favourable time terms through lack of knowledge and expertise. And their increased finance costs decrease their competitiveness.

ARTI FINANCE takes your credit requirements to the appropriate institution and guides your company right through the process from beginning to end. With our accumulated experience, we locate the domestic and international banks, finance institutions and investment funds and provide the essential support to achieve your financing goals and the growth of your company.