Banking and Finance Law

ARTI FINANCE provides consultancy services covering local and international activities
related to

  • real and legal entities such as banks and other financial institutions (factoring, leasing, real estate investment trusts)
  • the establishment , organization and pursuance of activities necessary to obtain permission from the authorities, Statutes amendments, and preparation for all legal procedures and implementation
  • international project finance, retail and corporate banking and international credit transactions
  • deposits, private credit, letters of credit, payment against documents, deposits, safety deposits and rental
  • preparation of contracts, guarantees and credit transactions and advisory services on related issues.

Commercial, International Commerce and Company Law

ARTI FINANCE provides a full advisory service to foreign companies and investors who invest in Turkey related to

  • joint ventures
  • branch and representative office facilities
  • agency, distribution and creation of related organizations
  • the structure of foreign investment in Turkey including all related contracts, organizations, partnerships and insurance issues
  • Free Trade Zone activities 
  • Representing clients before the state bodies for permits and incentives applications
  • mergers and acquisitions / restructuring 
  • securities, tax, bankruptcy, insolvency and debt collection 
  • agency regulations, distribution and licensing agreements, local and international commercial contracts
  • transportation, logistics, contracts, equipment financing and leasing
  • securities and real estate law 
  • service contracts, employees’ rights, unfair competition legislation, consumer legislation 
  • local and international distribution, warranty and guarantees, trade negotiations and mediation work.

Capital Markets Procedures

ARTI FINANCE provides a consultancy service on capital markets, and other debt securities for public offerings of stock in the client’s company, with intermediary organizations to facilitate applications to the CMB and the Istanbul Stock Exchange, to the appropriate authorities in Turkey for foreign funds, stocks and other debt instruments, as well as CMB applications for registration.

Maritime Law

ARTI FINANCE provides a one-stop-shop advisory service on international maritime trade law, maritime law, maritime trade lawsuits and arbitrations, off-shore construction law and contracts, the financing of maritime trade, shipbuilding / shipping documents, ship leasing, compensation claims related to cargo transportation, ship registry, ship mortgage, ship imports and exports , leasing (with national and international companies), cruise ship contracts and the sale of life and property recovery, stowage, ship contracts, agreements, contract passenger, cargo and charter party disputes, bill of lading varieties, sea transport agreements and other lease documents, club / association rules, marine accidents, cargo losses and personal damage.

Construction Law

ARTI FINANCE provides clients with a full range of services relating to international and local preparation of construction contracts, tenders, finance and dispute resolution arising from construction contracts.

Securities and Real Estate Law, Leasing, Land Use and Planning

ARTI FINANCE has a wealth of accumulated experience in the areas of the transfer, disposal or sale of movable and immovable property, work related to mortgaged or pledged property, rental laws, building permits, management plans and arrangements, goods, and the settlement of legal disputes by litigation or arbitration.

Energy and Mining Law

ARTI FINANCE advises clients on electricity, natural gas, energy, procurement, project finance and development, energy regulations and gives advisory opinions on legal provisions related to mining law, regulations, legislation and advising on licensing and permits.

Intellectual Property Rights, Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights

ARTI FINANCE advises on Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights, anti-trust and trade regulations, fraud, European Union Competition Law and Commercial Regulation, Unfair Competition, Industrial Designs and Utility Models, Consumer Law, Competition Law and its implementation.

Business Law

ARTI FINANCE can serve the interests of clients with business cases and tracking all types of parties, service contracts, employee rights and business law and legislation.

Tax Law

ARTI FINANCE has a full data and expertise base allowing it to give clients updated advice and guidance on tax studies, reports, analysis of the tax review, tax analysis and evaluation of the inspectorate, conciliation or litigation disputes with the tax authority's rulings in drawing up their legal assessment.