ARTI FINANCE has been active in the banking and finance sectors for many years. The company specializes in consultancy services in the following fields:

•    Loan and Capital Financing
•    Investment and Strategic Partnerships
•    Real Estate
•    Mergers and Partnerships
•    Corporate Sales and Acquisitions
•    Project Management and Financing
•    Venture Capital and Private Equity
•    Loan Rescheduling and Renewal
•    Insurance Services
•    Taxation
•    Foreign Trade

ARTI FINANCE provides a bridge between Turkish companies seeking such services, and international financial and investment groups. The company has a strong record as a one-stop-shop for companies who are seeking the best possible credit arrangements or who wish to reschedule or renew existing loan facilities.

ARTI FINANCE also focuses on identifying the most appropriate investors or investment finance for the increasing number of Turkish companies who see the opportunity for growth and require advice and guidance on locating the most appropriate sources in line with their financial and ethical requirements.

ARTI FINANCE has also established a designated unit in order to match companies within its existing portfolio to finance sources and funds internationally, within the terms of their credit or investment needs.